Whether we’re educating or intervening, our work may be done through different levels, according to specific needs. All levels contribute to maximizing human performance.

Mental Performance

On Court/Pitch/Action Off Court/Pitch/Action
"Micro Tunning" "Macro Tunning"
Attention & Concentration; Arousal Management; Emotions Expectations; Motivation; External Stress; Habits
“I lack the motivation”; “I train better than I compete”; “I can’t do it”; “Am I good enough?"; "“These problems are drowning me”; “I can’t enjoy performing”; “They don’t listen to me”; etc..
  1. Individual
    • Athletes
    • Manager, Actor, Musician, Chef, etc...
  2. Group Dynamics
    • Athletes
    • Team Members
  3. Team Leadership
    • Coaches
    • Coordinators
  4. Structure & Policies
    • Management
    • HR