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Sports Psychology
Sports Psychology


  • "Wayne is truly blessed. Not only he is skilled, he has a fire within..."

    Alex Ferguson about Wayne Rooney's determination when he was 21 year old

  • " In order to be successful at an high level you need to consider 3 factors. Fitness, mental training and technical ability (...) without 1 of them, you don't stand a chance."

    Roger Federer

  • "Golf is 80% mental, 10% skill and 10% luck."

    Jack Nicklaus

  • "At this level everyone is good! We need to train the mental game to stand out"

    Kobe Bryant

  • "Mental training is what distiguishes good from great players."

    Michael Jordan

  • "I believe it's impossible to atribute too much importance to the mind, when playing Golf."

    Dr. Bob Rottela